Can I eat cottage cheese in the morning?

Cottage cheese is the healthiest of all dairy products. It contains not only fermented milk bacteria, but also a lot of protein, as well as calcium necessary for bones and metabolic processes. However, even such a useful product has restrictions on use.

Can I eat cottage cheese in the morning?

In a healthy diet, cottage cheese must be present. Those who follow the figure, choose low-calorie varieties with a low fat content. They appreciate that this dietary product can be sated for a long time. Bodybuilders and other athletes are attracted to the high protein content and its full-fledged amino acid composition. This is an essential element for the growth of muscle mass. There are recommendations for the use of cottage cheese, which allow the body to get more benefits from it.

How and when to eat cottage cheese?

Experts in the field of nutrition Express different opinions. But most of them agree that the best time to eat is the second Breakfast and afternoon tea. A single serving for an adult should not exceed 150-200 grams. All high-protein dishes, which include cottage cheese, should be consumed in moderation. When abused, the kidneys are subjected to increased stress. Use Metabolic Flora supplement for weight loss.

Can I eat cottage cheese for Breakfast?

Until recently, the time of using cottage cheese was not given due attention, they just said that it is useful and necessary to eat it. Now the views have been revised. If we are talking about whole cottage cheese of normal fat content, it is better to include it in the diet before lunch. In this case, the following advantages become available:

  • it is easier for the digestive system to process it;

  • in the early hours, the pancreas works as actively as possible, which allows you to fully absorb the protein components of nutrition;

  • milk protein casein will have time to digest, and its breakdown into amino acids takes an average of five hours. It is thanks to this that after eating cottage cheese we feel a long satiety;

  • the body receives many valuable elements to maintain physical and mental performance, which is important during the day.

The exception is people with casein intolerance. For them, the use of all dairy products is prohibited.

It turns out that a person without intolerance to dairy products can and even should eat cottage cheese in the morning. From evening use it is better to refuse, so as not to overload your body. In some countries, there is even a saying that in the morning cottage cheese is gold, in the afternoon it turns into silver, and in the evening it becomes lead.

Can I eat cottage cheese in the morning?

How about tonight?

But evening use also has its advantages. It is proved that the bioavailability of calcium becomes higher in the evenings. And this is one of the most valuable components in the composition of cottage cheese. To better assimilate protein, it is better to transfer the use to the period after training, the time of day in this case does not matter. Cottage cheese also contains another valuable element-the amino acid tryptophan. It helps the body tune in to sleep, so it is advisable to use tryptophan-filled products in the evening.